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Mohau Mafojane

The trustees of the ABE Bailey Trust have awarded Mohau Mafojane a travel bursary for 2017 which covers an all-expenses paid trip to the United Kingdom.

The tour, which takes place from 21 November 2017 to 16 December 2017, boasts a one-day visit to the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia en route to London. During the tour, Mohau will be meeting with entrepreneurs, ministers and managers of different companies from around the world from whom he will be able to glean new entrepreneurial information and skills.

Mohau, an MTech student in Biotechnology and Vice Chairperson of the VUT religious structure SDASM, was selected for the travel bursary because of his excellent leadership qualities, community engagement and his outstanding academic achievement. His strong motivation in his application also assisted him in obtaining the bursary, as he has concluded everything he has been involved in since the beginning of his school career and throughout his time at university.

Mohau, who says his leadership style is to lead from the back and make sure everyone is motivated and inspired at the front, says he feels honoured and privileged to be the chosen applicant out of the 30 or so other VUT students who also applied. He also feels that all the hard work he has been doing since his diploma is finally paying off.

During the trip, Mohau and fellow winners will be giving a presentation on what they deem is significant for the development of South Africa. Mohau's chosen topic will be based on Agricultural Biotechnology with a focus on the importance of agriculture as a catalyst for economic growth in SA.

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From right: Prof Zide (VC), Mohau Mafojane (student) and Prof Dzvimbo (DVC)
Posted: 2018/04/17 (11:00:00 AM)

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