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Goodenough Abe Bailey Scholarship

This Scholarship enables talented South African (and, occasionally, other African) postgraduate students to join Goodenough College's lively and welcoming community whilst undertaking their studies in London. Goodenough Director, Alice Walpole, says:

'We are immensely grateful to the Abe Bailey Trust for its continuing support to South African postgraduate students in our community. The number of scholars and degree of financial support varies slightly from year to year, depending on the scholars' circumstances. There is usually one scholar whose full accommodation costs are covered and, if there is surplus funding, one or two others of limited financial means whose budgets are enhanced to free them from the burden of financial worry. The Abe Bailey Trust contributes to the scholars' individual success, strengthens the College's ties to South Africa and increases the diversity of our international cohort.'

The 2023-24 Abe Bailey Goodenough scholar, Esther Kabochi, says:

'Your generosity and willingness to invest in my potential will make a profound impact on my life, and I am genuinely grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship. Your generous support is not only going to be of significance in facilitating my quest for academic excellence but also will provide invaluable exposure to learning opportunities outside of the classroom. The opportunity to experience the vibrant living environment, and participate in the range of clubs and societies at the Goodenough College, is a dream come true for me. Additionally, being at the College is a chance to make lifelong friends from the world over which will help in building formidable connections that will be beneficial for my personal growth and professional development. Your act of giving has ignited a fire within me and will continue to inspire me to reach greater heights.'

In addition, the College has been able to stretch funds this year to offer a partial scholarship to South African music student Lauren Wesley Smith and provide some continuing financial support to last year's Abe Bailey Goodenough scholar, business student Nhlanzeko Khanyile. Lauren says:

'I have had a chance to get to know all the other music students living here... as well as a whole host of other students in vastly different fields. I am also so delighted to be amongst other South Africans here: the accents, the humour, and local knowledge, all make for a little slice of home away from home. Thank you for granting me the chance to represent my country. I'm very proud to be here at this incredible college.'

And Nhlanzeko echoes her enthusiasm:
'Having previously worked as a chartered accountant and a renewable energy investor, I have developed a strong passion for bridging the financing gap in Africa. My goal is to actively promote investments in sustainable projects and infrastructure on the African continent. By doing so, I hope to contribute to the growth and development of the region, enabling it to thrive economically and environmentally. Joining the Goodenough College community has been an enriching experience for me. It has provided me with an invaluable network of like-minded individuals, fostering an environment of support and encouragement that keeps me steadfast in achieving my personal and professional objectives. Meeting the Abe Bailey Travel Bursars during my time at Goodenough College was truly inspiring. Their stories of dedication and determination have motivated me further to pursue my dreams and create a lasting impact in South Africa and beyond. With this support, I can focus wholeheartedly on my academic pursuits and devote my energy to honing the skills necessary to effect meaningful change upon my return to South Africa.'

Information on applying for an Abe Bailey Goodenough Scholarship may be found on the Goodenough College website ( Applications from former Abe Bailey bursars are particularly welcomed.


Posted: 2024/03/27 (16:56:39)

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