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 Fellowship newsletters

Newsletter # 89

September 2014

Greetings to all Abe Bailey Bursars. It is a pleasure to share news about bursars old and new in this annual Newsletter. During the 2013 tour, bursars met some 58 Old Abes in Cape Town, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath and York. All of these were stimulating and pleasurable encounters, and reminded us all of the significant positive influence each of you has on those among whom you work and with whom you have contact. One 2013 bursar commented: 'A highlight of the tour was meeting with former Abes along the way, all people who, like me, were given the opportunity to embark on the Abe Bailey tour. Listening to their stories and seeing who they've become in their respective fields inspired me to dream bigger, to work far more and to give more to my country.'

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Posted: 2014/09/01 (13:55:47)

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