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The Hon. Alice Walpole OBE has been appointed the new Director of Goodenough College. She is a former United Nations Assistant General Secretary. Prior to her UN role, she enjoyed a long and distinguished career with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in which she specialised in multilateral diplomacy and conflict resolution.

Alice Walpole underlined how much she looks forward to her new role: 'What appeals to me most is the opportunity - working closely with Goodenough's staff, Members, Governors, Fellows and Alumni - to shape and support a unique life experience for the College's Members at a historic institution at the heart of one of the world's great cities; to lead and promote an intellectual community, so as to enable each of its members to maximise their potential; to establish the best possible environment in which academic excellence and enriching experience can flourish.'

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The Hon. Alice Walpole OBE
Posted: 2021/05/18 (10:00:00)

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