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Newsletter # 97

September 2022

Warm greetings to all Abe Bailey Fellows across the globe. It is a real pleasure to be in touch with you, and especially as the travel bursary tour resumes once again.

Brian Figaji, Chairman of The Abe Bailey Trust, writes:

'The upcoming 2022 tour to the United Kingdom heralds our post-covid start to this important activity for the Trust and for South Africa. It was with great sadness that we had to make the decision twice to cancel the tour in the interest of all those involved but also as a result of the travel restrictions in place at the time. It is with joy and excitement that we welcome the 2022 travel bursars who have been selected and are in the process of finalising all the requirements for participation in the tour.

Keith Richardson, our tour leader, has made a few refinements to the programme which we hope will improve the flow of the activities. We also have very good support from the new team at Goodenough College in London and they are looking forward to dealing with their first tour contingent.

As part of a programme of capacitating our people the Trust has agreed to ask our administrator, Lynnsay Jones, to accompany the group in order to support Keith and consolidate our relationship with the new staff at Goodenough College. The trustees hope that this 'new' start will be enthusiastically embraced by all.'

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Posted: 2022/09/01 (01:55:00)

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