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 Tour programme

Abe Bailey Tour Programme

While the 2018 Tour programme will generally contain similar activities and interactions to the 2017 one, and will follow the same sequence, a number of refinements are being introduced to meet bursars’ interests more effectively, and to frame the programme around specific themes. The 2018 Tour will be in five stages:

Stage One: Before the tour leaves, all Bursars will meet in Cape Town for three days. The object of this time will be for the Bursars to be introduced to one another / to interact both formally and informally / to be appraised of the tour programme / to understand fully their role and the expectations of them. This stage concludes with a Farewell Dinner with the Abe Bailey Trustees and past Bursars (Old Abes) at Atlantic Imbizo in the Cape Town Waterfront.

Stage Two: For the third year running, the group will stay overnight in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, en route to London where they will visit the Headquarters of the African Union. Here they will be addressed by speakers regarding the vision and modus operandi of the AU and there will be plentiful opportunities to question and interrogate the presenters.

Stage Three: For nine days, the Bursars will be based at Goodenough College in North London. During this time, they will be touring the sights of London, meeting people of interest, giving presentations to the bursars, attending discussion groups, attending West End theatre productions like Matilda the Musical and Les Miserables. Depending on individual interests, Bursars will be asked to choose museums, the work shadow opportunities and possibly a sporting event they wish to attend.

Themes around which activities are planned:

  1. Development of the British political system to its current multiculturalism approach
  2. Understanding British History and Culture
  3. Personal Leadership and Career Development
  4. Understanding the British Higher Educational System
  5. A New Perspective on South Africa’s place in the world

Stage Four: At the conclusion of the London leg, the Bursars will be ‘on tour’. Over the next four days, Guides will be introducing Oxford, Cambridge and Stratford-Upon-Avon to the group. This section of the trip will be finished off by attending Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Stage Five: After travelling up to Scotland and briefly seeing the sights of Edinburgh, the group will spend four days at The Burn - a country retreat belonging to Goodenough College. In this relaxing atmosphere, Bursar presentations will be concluded, trips will be undertaken to explore the surrounding countryside and opportunity given for pleasant relaxation.

Bursars will then return to London for a final debrief. The last night of the 2018 Tour will be spent at the Royal Albert Hall listening to Handel’s Messiah.

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